Innova G-Star Tern

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Innova has stepped up in a big way – We now have G-Star Terns available for sale as fundraisers for St. Patty’s. These are a limited run for the event, Gstar Terns are only available here while supplies last. Stamp Colors Vary from what shown.



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70 Responses to Innova G-Star Tern

  1. Patrick plaze says:

    Just sent 40$ paypal, looking for 2 black terns. Address in comment of PayPal

    Patrick plaze

  2. Mike says:

    Just sent PayPal for a Black and a Silver. Thanks a million!

  3. aaron wield says:

    just making sure you got payment for a gstar tern ive been having an issue with my payplay for some reason thanks
    aaron wield 10789

  4. Hyuk Kwan says:

    I just sent $21 for the Gold Max Weight Tern.

  5. Mike Nevett says:

    Can you please confirm you received my payment too?


  6. Mike Unruh says:

    Hey I placed an order for 3 of these silver terns can u make that 1 silver 1 gold 1 blue. Thnx. -Mike Unruh

  7. Paul Lafleur says:

    Are all the Gstar Terns max weight? What are the weights?

  8. Matt says:

    Just making sure you got payment from me for two blacks

  9. Brian Crouch says:

    just put in my order for 1 of the black ones. Can’t wait to get this beauty. Thanks

  10. Ronald says:

    Just put in an order for 2 black , could you please verify you received my order.


  11. weston turner says:

    just put an order in for six….two of each except the blue ones. just making sure you got my payment. thanks

  12. Craig says:

    how many left?

  13. Charlie says:

    What are the numbers for each color?

  14. Ben Bakan says:

    I placed an order for 3 black with the party stamp and then 2 more a few minutes later… Im just wanting to make sure you received both payments and that you can send in one box if you would like. Thank you!

  15. Alex Nebrig says:

    I just ordered 1 black and 1 gold. They are still in stock correct

  16. Alex Nebrig says:


  17. Chad Smith says:

    Can someone please confirm this purchase? I just ordered 2 of the black G star Terns with the rainbow/party time stamp…PayPal was completed. An email update letting me know all is well would be sufficient. Thanks!

  18. Charlie says:

    Do you have any of the transitional left? If so can change more order to them?

  19. final9 says:

    Only got 4…they are gone.

  20. Mary says:

    Sent an order for a gold Tern via credit card. Just wondering, when will these be shipped?

  21. Mike miller says:

    Just paid for a tern did you get my payment

  22. Chad Smith says:

    Were you guys able to process my order? I never received an email or anything from your end to confirm this went through. You can respond to this comment if it’s easier for you then an email. Thanks!

  23. sam wheeling says:

    sent a payment but notsure if you have the correct address

  24. Logan Savoy says:

    Paid for gold tern yesterday will I receive any tracking information?

  25. ted says:

    Just following up on order for gstar tern. Info? Payment received? Tracking? Ordered two silver? Thanks.

  26. joseph says:

    hello, i just got the black tern i ordered in the mail today. thanks for shipping fast! on the downside, i had to pay $0.42 extra for it being over 11ozs., 13ozs to be exact. no big deal. just wanted to let you know for the postage on the silver tern i ordered today! haha. thanks again and have a good one!

  27. Rob Keener says:

    Payment sent for a silver GStar Tern

  28. Ronald says:

    I ordered 2 Black on Wednesday Jan 29th, received an email next day “Package is on the way”, and was delivered today Feb 1st and I am about to go toss this beauty, plus I just ordered another Silver. That’s great customer service guys, Keep up the good work.

  29. William Bjork says:

    Got mine in today! Awesome disc! Thanks!

  30. Jacob says:

    Got mine today, it looks even better in person. Any more left?

  31. Nathan Ward says:

    Just sent payment, hoping you still have some?

  32. Patrick says:

    Ordered two myself. Now the wait begins… It’s like l late Christmas

  33. Patrick says:

    Did you receive both my payments Bruce?

  34. sara senkbeil says:

    Do you have any gstar terns available still? Looking for 2 silver or black. Thank you!

  35. final9 says:

    You can get them here….there is a paypal button on our site. Thanks, bruce.

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